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By Erika Thomas
Photos by Andrew Trahan

Read the full article from New Roads magazine below:

Southern California is dotted with some of the most enticing roads in America. The ocean, the Hollywood Hills and even some of the freeways make it an excellent playground for the all-new fitter, faster and more refined 2016 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible.

The driving experience and the way it makes you feel when you're in it is what separates Camaro from the rest. The Camaro Convertible features modular underbody bracing to allow the same sharp, nimble handling as the coupe. It's precise and quick-perfect for these famous roads.

The new convertible seems like it was made for Southern California. Its top stows elegantly below a hard tonneau cover, and raises and lowers completely even at up to 30 mph. And there are no compromises in structure, rigidity and handling.


Named for one of LA’s most important innovators, Mulholland Highway embodies the excitement and captures the spirit of its trailblazing namesake.

Known as a sort of test track for enthusiasts, Mulholland Highway’s switchbacks, ticklish turns and changing elevations are easily tamed by Camaro’s quick-ratio Electric Power Steering system and available Brembo® brakes (standard on SS).


Stretching from San Juan Capistrano all the way north to Ventura, the scenic thoroughfare on the Pacific coast first opened in the late 1920s. It was named Roosevelt Highway in honor of the United States' adventure-seeking 26th president, Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt Highway (later renamed Pacific Coast Highway) fast became a driving destination for locals and tourists alike, and remains so today. Revered, celebrated and sometimes even dreaded (rain-induced landslides and rush-hour traffic make it among LA's grislier drives), no other road offers the thrills quite like Pacific Coast Highway.

Drive into a cloudburst? No problem: At speeds up to 30 mph, the Camaro Convertible's top rises back into position with the flick of a switch, and then, when the weather clears, lowers and stows under a hard tonneau cover, revealing refined details like tailored stitching and available premium leather-appointed seating surfaces.


"Trailblazing" defines this road: first highway in the West; first divided-lane, high-speed roadway; and the first piece of what would become LA's complex freeway system. The historic Arroyo Seco Parkway (locals still call it the Pasadena Freeway) has gone virtually unchanged since its opening more than 70 years ago; it also remains the only freeway in Southern California to have achieved Federal Scenic Byway status.

Constructed in 1940 as a way to shorten the commute from Pasadena to nearby Los Angeles, the scenic 12-minute trek would become one of the most desirable driving routes in the region, with numerous points of interest (LA's world-famous Chinatown and its pro baseball stadium among them) along the way. Some historians credit the Arroyo Seco Parkway as the spark point for the LA car-culture scene, so it's a natural place to take a new Camaro Convertible.


Built with the idea of creating "the most scenic mountain road in the state," Angeles Crest Highway took decades to complete. First conceptualized in 1912, the painstaking, piece-by-piece construction didn't begin until 1929, then stopped during World War II. Construction resumed in 1946, and the road finally was completed in 1956.

The highway begins in the exclusive burg of La Cañada (just west of Pasadena) and winds through the Angeles National Forest, where some of the most spectacular views of the San Gabriel Mountains can be taken in at an elevation of more than 7,900 feet. Angeles Crest is known for having sections closed due to inclement weather and other hazards. But even with a reputation for being as treacherous as it is beautiful, it's still well worth the drive.

Every surface and edge on the all-new Camaro was scrutinized and designed to improve airflow and performance, making it perfect for tackling Angeles Crest Highway’s hills and corners with precision.


  • Engines: 275-hp 2.0L Turbo, available 335-hp V6, available 455-hp V8 (SS).
  • Drive Mode Selector lets you tailor up to eight vehicle characteristics in Sport, Tour, Snow/Ice and Track (SS only) modes.
  • Available 8-inch MyLink2 touch-screen with support for Apple CarPlayTM3 compatibility.
  • Available Magnetic Ride Control suspension (SS).
Read the full issue of New Roads here


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