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The all-new 2017 Bolt EV is part of
a bright future

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By Jonathan Schultz

Photos by Renato Zacchia

The all-new 2017 Bolt EV furthers the legacy of ingenious Chevrolet vehicles. Descubre algunas de las personas, lugares y objetos que nos conducen al futuro.

Read the full article from New Roads magazine below:

Call something "the next great" and stand back. Way back. For people and places, it's all about being prepared to absorb the crush of attention while showing the world how fast they can run.

Occasionally, the next great thing is so obvious that it's immediately recognized as such. Even then, a personality, place or thing doesn't emerge overnight. What looks effortless is almost always the product of foresight, experience and a lot of hard work. Sometimes timing plays a big part. It's the magic that happens when something or someplace hiding in plain sight is finally seen through a different lens, needing only a fresh set of eyes to realize its full potential. Then it's time for the close-up.

Get a look at what’s next—before the rest of the world catches up.


Long Island City, Queens, New York: With its proximity to Manhattan, Long Island City was probably bound to happen. The plethora of new art galleries, restaurants and residential space speaks to the changes that have taken place here recently.

"We evolve with the neighborhood, and we're both evolving quickly." That's Hugue Dufour, chef and co-owner-with his wife, Sarah Obraitis-of M. Wells Dinette and M. Wells Steakhouse, two of the most buzzed-about restaurants in New York, a city that doesn't give out buzz easily. Long Island City-the unlikely home for the couple's inventive, cheeky haute cuisine-was known mainly as the last Queens exit before the Midtown Tunnel to Manhattan and little else. Never would it have been considered "next." "The place was mostly industrial," Dufour said. "There really wasn't much." Look at the glass condo towers going up everywhere, though, and it's clear there's been a shift-one that culinary pioneers Dufour and Obraitis unknowingly have helped create.

Their latest venture, M. Wells Steakhouse, is housed in former industrial space. As with many things the couple has brought to Long Island City, its genesis is indirect. "We were looking for a space to build a 62-foot catamaran, thinking that a restaurant would eventually come from it," Dufour said. The boat is yet to be built, but the steakhouse is doing fine.

UPSIDE: Amazing views of Manhattan, short commutes and a thriving residential, arts and food scene mark this turnaround from industrial grunge to family-friendly.

Temescal, Oakland: Maybe it was the opening of the Temescal Alley Barber Shop, a magnet for the laconically fashionable. Or Hog's Apothecary, a temple to the pairing of pork and beer. Or a picnic of "influencers" at the shore of Lake Temescal. Whatever the catalyst, this neighborhood of early 20th-century wooden bungalows is experiencing a cultural moment unlike any in its history.

UPSIDE: The business improvement district tidied up Temescal and brought in street fairs and markets. Quality of life is becoming comparable to Berkeley, and parts of San Francisco, at a much lower cost.

Andersonville, Chicago: Like most up-and-coming neighborhoods, Andersonville has its share of great restaurants. One that retains the old affordable vibe of the area is Taste of Lebanon and its fantastic staples of falafel and hummus. Recent years have seen an influx of creatives from other parts of the city who have brought bars, housewares shops and espresso-shot pulls worthy of pilgrimage.

UPSIDE: Andersonville’s quirky, vibrant and ever-changing downtown—devoid of national chains—gives it a unique charm.

Corktown, Detroit: It's not just Green Dot Stables, with its $3 venison sliders and pitch-perfect, unaffected kitsch, that has brought new attention to Detroit's oldest neighborhood, a once-blighted area in the shadow of Michigan Central Station. Corktown's new farmers market is among the Motor City's most charming attractions; with developers swooping in, the area is poised for an even broader renaissance.

UPSIDE: Residents and business owners clearly relish being part of one of the greatest comeback stories in urban America.


Randy Wilkins: Randy Wilkins doesn't shy away from difficult filmmaking themes: family strife, social justice, conspiracy. He does it, however, with a light hand. "We want the audience to acclimate themselves without forcing it upon them," he said.

UPSIDE: His recent half-animated short for ESPN Films, 86-32, explored the perplexing decision reached against Roy Jones Jr. in his gold-medal boxing bout at the 1988 Olympics.

Alton Glass: Filmmaker Alton Glass is character-driven to the core. "I try to have every frame motivated by a character's perspective," he said. "That's how the visuals take shape."

UPSIDE: His latest film, Secret She Kept, explores mental illness, while his award-winning feature CRU is on Netflix. Glass also is developing virtual- and augmented-reality projects.


Classic Chevy trucks: In addition to Chevrolet being home to the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting1 full-size pickup trucks on the road, its classic Chevy trucks like the 1968-72 C10 are among the most collectible.

"It's simply the most popular vintage pickup in North America right now, hands down," said Jonathan Klinger, public relations manager for the collector vehicle insurance firm Hagerty. "But it's a recent trend." The discovery of these handsome workhorses is driven largely by young people new to the collecting hobby. "They grew up around pickups and SUVs, and they appreciate that rugged, off-road feel," Klinger said. And given that many examples have stayed with their original owners, they have cachet and cred. "For someone entering into the collector car side, they're an excellent entry point," he said. Suburbans and Blazers of the '70s also are becoming popular with collectors.

UPSIDE: Vintage Chevy trucks are rugged, affordable, fun, handsome and going up in value.


Chase Elliott: You could pick worse ways to mark your DAYTONA 500® debut than by grabbing pole position, followed by another one at Talladega, where your father set a lap record 30 years prior that still stands. The stars are aligning nicely for Elliott in his rookie season, and the fundamentals seem to be there for years of greatness.

UPSIDE: Greatness doesn’t always skip a generation in spite of the pressure of having a tough act to follow.

Josef Newgarden: Newgarden is quickly becoming the master of the twisty courses and ultra-fast ovals on the IndyCar schedule. He also has competed in Great Britain and the European GP3 SeriesTM but continues to hone his skills in IndyCar, with the goal of winning the Indianapolis 500® and the Verizon IndyCar Series® championship top of mind.

UPSIDE: Fast, friendly and personable, Newgarden is poised to be the next American open-wheel hero.


The all-new 2017 Bolt EV changes the equation for all-electric vehicles, offering an EPA-estimated 238 miles of range on a full charge at an affordable price-point. Its range, size and maneuverability make it ideal for urban or suburban-to-urban commutes. Bolt EV is a roomy, no-compromises, technologically advanced crossover that will perform just like any other vehicle. It’s not just a great electric car, it’s a great car, period.


The spacious and well-appointed interior easily and smartly integrates personal devices. The standard 10.2-inch diagonal tablet-like display offers multi-functional screens controlled with simple, intuitive gestures. Apple CarPlayTM† and Android AutoTM† are supported. With the ChargePoint app, you can easily find available charging stations.


The thoughtful combination of interior functionality and spaciousness enables versatile storage options. The fold-flat seats, for example, allow 56.6 cu. ft. of cargo volume, while the 60/40 split-folding articulation helps allow flexibility in carrying cargo and passengers.


Bolt EV isn't a tease of what might be - it will be available late 2016. It's more than just a new vehicle launch: It's history in the making.

2017 Bolt EV Key Features

Four-camera system creates a virtual bird’s-eye view of vehicle and surroundings.


Gives unobstructed view from behind vehicle.


La pantalla interactiva estándar tipo tableta de 10.2" en diagonal ofrece pantallas multifuncionales que controlas con gestos simples e intuitivos.

  • 1 6 Característica disponible.
  • 2 4 Las interfaces para usuarios de vehículos son productos de Apple y Google, y se aplican sus términos y declaraciones de privacidad. Requiere smartphone compatible y se aplican cargos de tu plan de datos. Android Auto es una marca comercial de Google, Inc.
  • 3 5 Capacidad de carga limitada por peso y distribución.
  • 4 2 Limited available late 2016.

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